Ava Music School has founded in 2017 by Anahita Khorsandi. Ava Music School attempts to take a step toward educating all community of the D.C and Virginia to grasp a better understanding of music. We teach Classical and other instruments to all levels. We offer private and group music lessons. Being aware of the significant therapeutic effects of music and arts in the development of mind and spirit of humans of all ages and specially the children, makes us strong believers in what we have undertaken. We are located in Vienna, Virginia.

What makes Ava Music school different?

Every student is different. Each student is provided with a unique, fun, and personalized lesson plan. Our dynamic teachers provide fun and engaging lessons to ages 5 years and above.

What to Expect in Lessons:

Comprehensive skill building in sight-reading, technique, and theory.


Lessons lengths range from 30mins-60mins.

Online Booking:

Save a spot online and it has to be one week in advance.


Ava Music School

311 Maple Avenue W, unit #K

 Vienna, VA 22180