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Piano Anatomy Course


Mani Koosha, is a piano technician and piano expert. Mani is a member of IMU , which itself is member of international Federation of Music (IFM). He is founder of Koosha Piano, which is a technical training complex that activity woks in the field of repair, service, rebuilding and renewal. 

Piano Anatomy Course

In many cases, we may not be able to use our piano properly due to lack of knowledge. Definitely knowing some of the technical information of each instrument will help us to use that instrument better and enjoy playing the instrument. Piano is a very attractive and at the same time complex mechanical device that with a better understanding of the complex world inside it we will become a better musician.

Why do pianos need to be tuned regularly?

Piano strings are strung under tremendous tension, averaging 90 kilograms each. Hence, even if the piano is not played, the strings will gradually stretch with the passage of time and the piano will fall out of tune. Pianos need regular tuning at least twice a year to keep them up to pitch and playing the correct notes.

Piano Anatomy: Academics
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